After the holidays

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After the holidays

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The holidays are not the “happiest time of the year” for everyone. It can be a huge cause of stress, anxiety, and even depression for some people. The most affected group according to surveys is the millennial crowd (20 to 34 years old) the reasons for this are

  1. Financial pressure: buying gifts and all that jazz
  2. “perfect Xmas image”: they feel they need to live the immaculate point of view of the movies, social media, and family stories. White snow, Santa, everyone loving each other…etc. They feel the pressure of having to be cheerful, laugh all the time…basically faking emotions they are not feeling to fit in with the supposedly acceptable Xmas behavior.
  3. Having no one to spend the festivities with: they feel very lonely. Amongst other motives, this community is very nomad and not necessarily can go back to family and friends for the holidays.
  4. Gorging: on food and drinks, bringing their energy down, miss treating their bodies with unhealthy habits during long periods of time brings their energy levels down, their emotional balance to the edge, causing existing mental illnesses to exacerbate.

Let’s think about this for a moment, it reminds me of the sad image of the drinking clown. They put this funny, outrageous spectacle for people to laugh, but backstage the monster depression sets in, taking control.

It always goes back to loving and respecting ourselves, accepting who we are, acknowledging what we need, and going through with it. You absolutely don’t need to be the soul of the party at Christmas, you don’t need to look or sound the part of the happy elf.

You are probably thinking it is easy for me to say, but that is not true. They call me the Grinch of Xmas for a reason. Go to my IGTV video on XMAS gifts, I hope you get a laugh while you are at it.

Let me share my own holiday experience this year and a very abbreviated way. A week before Xmas my dad died in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I flew from Zurich to Washington DC, 2 days later I was flying from DC to Buenos Aires as I was trying to arrive before he passed away. I didn’t make it and got the “expected call while I was at the airport with a rainstorm that was showing itself to be a pain in my butt and would not allow me to even get to the funeral. Due to some awesome people at the airline I made it be for the funeral. 5 Days later on December 24th, I flew into NJ was my husband and daughter were waiting for me. Believe me, I didn’t feel the season spirit at all. I did put my best face forward but on Xmas eve I stayed home and cooked a mushroom soup, no parties for me. I didn’t want to and I didn’t do it. If someone didn’t like it, they didn’t say and anyway I wouldn’t really have cared at that point. 3 days later we were flying back to Zurich. Those 3 days were more than enough to have them full of drama, there is no such thing as perfect family reunions, we all have our own issues, thoughts, annoyances, and virtues. But I commend everyone for trying and sticking it out. It is not about anyone being more or less worthy of love and understanding. It is about being in sync with each other and the similarity in energy vibration. There is a reason why we have on one hand the family we randomly got and on the other the family we choose (our friends). On rare occasions, they overlap, but if we are not that lucky we need to always keep in mind that no one wakes up thinking “I am going to make everyone days miserable” and be compassionate.

Does it sound like the perfect season? It was a rough, rough season for me this year. I am sharing because if you felt that everyone except you had the worse year ever it is not true. Just look around, there are more people in the same situation as you are. Maybe next year you may want to change something to relieve the pressure and now is the time for you to think about what that would be.




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