Affirmation Cards and self-love

Affirmation Cards and self-love

I bought my first deck of affirmation cards and they are better than I expected. I had prejudices against them under the very unoriginal thought of “they are a scam from the authors to make extra money”. There is so much much free stuff online when it comes to affirmations and mantras…so many “life coaches”, “yogis”..etc that give me negative greedy vibes when it comes to ” angel cards, affirmation cards, malas, chakra jewelry, sets of crystals, essential oils…” that I developed a serious case of prejudice, followed by disgust and slamming my IG, phone, and laptop closed when someone tries to sell me one more piece of crap. So, I’m not selling anything. This is just the way I got over myself and bought a set of cards. (yes, I chose, paid and the designer does not know my existence, so zero possibility of advertising)

Here comes the big BUT.

Now that I have invested the corresponding $13 USD, held them, and read them I can understand their appeal and how they can be useful tools for either self-development or/and life coaches. Let me bullet it out for you and please write to me if you agree, disagree or missed something

  • Someone did the research, design, printing..etc. for you. (basically all the work)
  • They are a lot nicer and better quality than If I printed them in my house
  • They have a phrase on one side and a more detailed explanation on the other. which can give you insight into the meaning of the card. They are a little bit like angel cards.
  • They save you time allowing you to concentrate on what matters
  • They are not expensive compared to the saved effort.
  • There is a reason (depending on the deck you buy) why these phrases and not others have been pulled together under a theme. And it may help your development move along faster.

There are probably 100 other motives that justify my purchase if I look deeper and probably someone will come up with 500 of why it was a waste of money. The bottom line, I can’t imagine myself using them every day or making a ritual out of them, but I can see how for the price I paid I can get enough value out of the deck to justify the purchase.

Once in a while, it is worth getting over ourselves and our beliefs and try something new. We always need to remember that our beliefs are subjective, not factual. Therefore, just opinions. Advancing over own opinions and giving something new a chance to prove us wrong is always smart. The worse thing that could happen is that we “were right, to begin with” and nothing changes. Best case scenario (like my new cards), they proved me wrong and they opened up my world to a new tool full of possibilities.

If you are planning on getting cards or anything else that defies your logic, my recommendation is always the same. Do a quick research on who the author is, make sure it is a serious knowledgeable person and you are not setting yourself up for failure or even worse, self-affirmation of your prejudices.



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