Achangel Metatron


Achangel Metatron


We will be next week talking about Metatron’s cube as part of our sacred geometry series, but first, we need to get to know it’s “owner”. So, let’s get started and let me introduce you to Mr. Achangel Metatron. One of the only 2 souls with human experience that ascended to Archangels.


Archangel Metraton’s name meaning and spelling is still a subject of dispute between mystics but “He who works from behind The throne” (of God) is one of the most widely accepted. There are only 2 souls that went through the human experience that have been made into archangels, one being Metatron and the other being Archangel Sandalphon.
The book of Genesis, in the Bible, talks about the extraordinary Prophet and Scribe Enoch.  He walked upon Earth with God learning the Divine Knowledge.  Enoch kept his purity from God throughout his mortal life.


This Enoch, whose flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eye-lashes to flashes of lightning, his eye-balls to flaming torches, and whom God placed on a throne next to the throne of glory, received after this heavenly transformation the name Metatron.
Gershom G. Scholem, Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism

Archangel Metatron is known for is fiery, energetic energy.  Extremely focused and strong. Usually described as masculine energy. He is an intermediary between Heaven and Earth and has a unique perspective of Humankind and the Angelic Realm.  He helps those that choose to increase their psychic gift. It is highly recommended to call upon him as a great ally for writers, especially those seeking to spread, clarify, and present spiritual truths. He has a special affinity for Children,  the Crystal and Indigo Children are referred to as his.

He is associated with the Kabbala, the Tree of Life, and sacred geometric shapes. Especially the so-called “Metatron cube” or “Metatron star”. The Metatron Cube is considered to contain all the building blocks of the universe. He is often referred to as the architect of the universe and as the scribe of the universe.
His healing and spiritual growth are sent in the form of the vibration of these sacred geometric shapes entering your system at your crown Chakra and flowing through all Chakras for perfect balance.

Other associations are with the color Violet & Sea Green and Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal.


Since Metatron is closely related to scribes, working with automatic writing can be a very soulful experience full of unexpected energy and inspiration. You can sit before a notepad and pen or a computer and ask Archangel Metatron for his messages, ask him specific questions, or ask for general inspiration.
metatron 2

Meditation, painting, drawing, or using sacred geometry for crystal grids are some other great ways of getting closer to Metatron. Use your creativity and be open to receiving all sorts of messages. He is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to communicating.

Enjoy the process, “talk” with him in any way that resonates with you, remember he is waiting for you to call, to ask for help or assistance. As all the archangels he looks for humanity to raise their vibration to be more soulful and have an incredible journey here on earth. 



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