Abundance Manifesting Spell

Abundance Spell

Abundance Manifesting Spell

Abundance is more than just wealth, it is defined as an excess (or more than ok) purposeful and plentiful life. Financial abundance is just one aspect, of course we if don’t have to worry about it, it is easier to focus on the other areas we would like to work on, hence here we are with this amazing energy framework. 

You will notice that at no point the spell asks you to say an exact amount of money, this is on purpose, put the abundance vibration to the Universe and let yourself be surprised, don’t self-limit by saying something like $1M.

Abundance Manifesting Spell

If you want to bring abundance into you life, are short in time and have a clear intention in mind, this is for your!

  • 1 Candle Green votive (orange for success or white)
  • 10 Drops Cinnamon oil (or Cinnamon stick)
  • 10 Drops Vanilla oil (or Vanilla pod)
  • 1 Piece Pin (or carving knife)
  • 1 Any Coin
  • 1 Piece Gold Cloth (or Green cloth)


  1. If you can choose the time of the month, do it during the waxing moon (while it grows).

    Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and set up the cloth, any inspiring music that you like, and brings you calm. Try to start grounding yourself and bring the thoughts and feelings of why you are performing this spell.

    Cleanse your candle from all external energies, you can smudge them or take a minute and breath the intention of cleaning them.

Start the spell

  1. Carve in your green candle a prosperity symbol with the pin or knives while visualizing the goal ( it can be as simple as $ or complex as an elephant, don't sweat it, it is the intention that counts)

  2. Anoint the candle with the cinnamon and vanilla essences.

    How to anoint a candle? well, hold it in one hand and with the other dip a couple of fingers in the oil. Start coating the candle from top to the center, stop turn the candle around as we want it fully coated on the upper half. Now, stop again and do the same but starting from the bottom.

    All the while remember why you are doing it. I promise after a couple of times it turns into second nature.

  3. Repeat the following words over your candle:

    "Magical herbs I call on your power, allow me to access my inner potential. Money, abundance, and prosperity, I ask that you come to me. So Mote it Be”

  4. Place your coin in your fire-proof bowl. Set your anointed candle on top of the coin. (make sure it is secure and won't fall).

  5. Light the candle

  6. Breath deeply and visualize your intention. Imagine the prosperity, abundance, wealth flowing through you. Rejoice in the feeling, you already have it. Stay as long as you can with the feeling.

  7. Let the candle burn completely

  8. Wrap the coin in the golden/green cloth and put it in your wallet, handbag, or anything else that you can take with you like a charm to attract the abundance.


  1. If there is any candle leftover bury it or at least dispose of it outside from your house.

Please always be careful with both candles and knives, we don’t want something that is supposed to bring prosperity and happiness to turn into a disaster by burning down the house or cutting yourself.

try to use all-natural products to remain in touch with nature and be kind to the world. There is no point in trying to bring something good into your life and then don’t considering the impact in the world.



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