Abundance and Greed


Abundance and Greed


We all know that wanting abundance in your life and being greedy are two very different things, but they are two concepts that can be confused. When we  aspire towards abundance the universe will help us gather the energy to make it happen, while the opposite is true when our motivation is greed.

We all want to believe we are good, our intentions pure and we don’t ask for more than we deserve and need, but that is not necessarily true. To give a quick example, when we want to manifest a new house are we asking for a comfortable house that covers all of our needs in a neighborhood that we enjoy, or even close to the beach or are we asking for a mansion in the Beverly hills? There is a difference in the intention behind both requests.

Abundance is related to purpose and well-being; 

you can have all the “wealth” in the world but be wholly unsatisfied with your life. You will probably experience a more abundant and spacious life if you have your needs covered comfortably and enjoy a spiritual and mental life than if you live for accumulation and excess. When we are in an abundant mindset we can appreciate the present state of our affairs and open up to new opportunities that will bring even more abundance. The positive energy and high vibration will attract people and situations that are in the same frequency (Law of attraction) forming a happy upward cycle.

This brings us to greed! 

It is defined as the want of something beyond one’s need. It is the excess, the accumulation and can be in detriment of others as the actions and energy required to fill the “greed monster” does not care about others, it is an no ending self-serving hunger.  How much money is enough? How much power is enough? How big do you need your house to be? It never ends, because it does not bring peace and happiness. It is a path with no end all on itself and takes way from our mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity of focusing on meaningful things like love, sharing, compassion, gratefulness….exacerbating hatred, lack of forgiveness, and other negative energies.

It is not strange for people that suffer from greed to have “enemies” or think other are “out to get them”, experience jealousy and fear of losing what they have. Leaving little space for positive things. You can rent the biggest damn boat in the pacific for a vacation, but if your friends and not true friends and are there for the free ride you’ll have the most frivolous yet unhappy vacation.

To close this out, when you are trying to manifest material things into your life ask yourself where is the motivation coming from. What do you really need and would make your life better in contrast to what is not necessary or reasonable. The energy is there for both, “like attracts like” so what do you want to pull into your life?



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