A shout out to Stay at Home Goddesses

Sophia & Luz

A shout out to Stay at Home Goddesses

Luz y SophiaLadies and Gents, I spent 1 week with my daughter at home for the first time and had a more than a few epiphanies. You will most likely notice from the below that I don’t read parenting magazines or watch shows about it, I play it by ear and investigate topics as they arise. I definitively don’t have it all figured it out. I would say, I am at the beginning of this journey.

It is hard to be a Stay at Home Goddesses!

The first one is, we need to respect and recognize the hard work and love the stay at home moms put on a daily basis. It is not an easy job, especially if we are talking toddlers. There is a lot of personal sacrifices, patience, creativity, multitasking and strength of character that goes into it. I can bet that the biggest CEO in the world would start crying like a baby if left for a month taking care of our precious kids. After the second day at home, I would have jumped at the first chance of getting my hands dirty in excel! There are no Directors, vice-presidents, COOs, CFOs as terrifying as hearing a 3-year-old scream at the top of there lungs for 50 mins straight without apparent reason.

Second, as human beings are so ridiculously natural for us to underestimate the effort involved in someone else’s job, make fun, criticize…sadly it is very organic to us in the current professional world “success” definition to look down on and not give the right amount of support to callings like “raising kids”, “daycare teachers”, babysitters..etc.. they are a fundamental stone in our society. Let’s be kinder to each other, more supportive and understanding.

Third, Not one parent is better than the parent standing by their side. This is a well-known secret ” kids do not come with a manual under their arm when they are born”. Which brings us to the point; some “very excellent” parents only focus on what they consider “excellency parenting” without considering the child’s happiness and other groups of “supreme excellent parents” only consider what would make the child enjoy himself with disregard of more structural knowledge. As always, the best place is probably somewhere in between. The key point is to understand that our way is not the only way, our way is not the best, it is just OUR way and if it works for us, good for us, but if someone else tried to replicate it the most likely outcome is that it won’t work for them.

Forth, this is the best job in the world, because the motivation is right in front of you. There is no waking up and trying to remember why the [email protected] are you going to the office. You wake up (hopefully to a smiling child) and everything comes back in a second. The reward is also right there, you are not waiting for a promotion that will never come…just seeing your baby grown & learn second to second is life changing. It feels like a little miracle in the making. Your Miracle!

I could probably turn this posting into a book because I have so many ideas to talk about, but I don’t want to bore you. Let us make this the introduction to a topic you will continue to see on this blog.

Finally, to all the warrior goddesses and gods (men have a huger role 2, so let’s not forget about them. I would personally love to see more male daycare – kindergarten teachers)  you deserve a day off. To have someone give you a massage and ask you what would you like to do for yourself. Not just a couple of hours off, but maybe a weekend to rest, be with yourself and friends.



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