5 Tips to healthy eating

5 Tips to healthy eating

We can’t take care of all aspects of our lives with the same intensity, it does not work that way, something is got give. The something that falls through the cracks should not be food, not only in terms of nutrition but yumminess and as a source of fun.

Personally, I try to follow a very particular diet to achieve healthy eating, to some is a pain in the butt, to others not serious enough and a final group thinks..oh well she is kind of crazy.

My infamous diet consists of eating what the body requests but in a conscious way. That basically means I am not fully vegetarian, I am not a huge fan of eating the meat of any color either. What I’m quite strict about is following the basic clean eating rules. They don’t really limit my food options but make me think about the buying process.

My personal rules:

No super-processed food, no added sugar, I read labels (if I don’t understand what they say, I won’t buy it), given the opportunity I go with locally gowned or farmers market for eggs, veggies & fruits.

5 easy ideas that make healthy eating easy:

Juices and smoothies: as breakfast, snack or energy booster.

  • Low Calories, Low Sugar: No
  • Nutrients: packed of them depending on the ingredients
  • Buy or Make: both (find them in the produce aisle of markets, farmer’s markets, boutique shops or make your own)

I will spell it out, one glass a day is AWESOME, a bottle a day is a NO NO. They are easy, yummy and you don’t even need to make them. Consumed in excess it will make you gain weight and you won’t even know how it happened. There are tons of great recipes online if you want to make your own.

Frozen Food: Scary words? NO, just read

Frozen peas
  • Low Calories, Low Sugar: Some, choose smartly
  • Nutrients: packed of them depending on the ingredients
  • Buy, Make: both (find them in the vegetarian or frozen isles of markets, farmer’s markets, or make your own)

What are we talking about here? Frozen food? That is the first thing magazines are saying it is a horrible thing to have at home. I must be going nuts to recommend them! Everything is true, until it is not. Most frozen meals are terrible, with lots of additives, but there are a few veggie burgers out there that have like 3 ingredients (kale, spinach, beets..) and no additives that are yummy, healthy and fast to prep and eat. The secret is to read the labels.

Additionally, you can make your own frozen food. That way if you are in a rush or tired it is a plug and play.

Finally, frozen veggies and fruits tend to be selected at the peak of their nutrients and maturity, therefore don’t feel guilty about using them in your own preparations. Having a frozen chopped onion or peas bag in your freezer might be the one thing that takes your dish from eatable to extraordinary.

Youtube is your friend

There are several good youtube channels when it comes to healthy cooking. If you enjoy the process and ritual of prepping the food you eat, this might be the best for you.

Watch a fast easy recipe, great ideas in one single dish

       I am the type of person that does not marry to one single philosophy in almost anything, I pick up a recipe from here, a technique from there and make them my own.

Species the key to unlock flavor

They are a great addition to any preparation, from a salad to a stew! If you are thinking about a dish and don’t know how to flavor up remember you can ask the people at the natural health store for advice or google recipes with the ingredients to steal some ideas.

They fill your senses with smell and colors, it gives you the opportunity to stop and take a deep breath while you cook making the whole experience more conscious, peaceful and enjoyable.

Food Box Subscriptions

There are several organic/all natural food boxes out there that are healthy, you can choose your own meal plans. The food still needs to be cooked, but all the ingredients arrive easily to your house making the task a lot simpler. The nice thing about this services is that all the information is at your disposal to pick the delivery you want wisely. Do you think organic is important? There is a service for you. Do you want non-GMO? There is another service for you. Would you like a service that donates part of the profit to charity? Of course, there is a perfect delivery for you. Do your homework, try them out and decide if they work for you or not. An extra perk of buying this type of boxes is that they reduce trash and food waste. Food waste is a huge problem in developed countries so it is always a great way of contributing to a more sustainable world to minimize it as much as possible.

Small review of the food box subscription services

If you want to know more about the heartbreaking reality of food waste in USA just click to April 2018 article from USDA.

I hope these very easy, no extra effort and hopefully even effort cutting options I am proposing in this post helps you keep a healthier, happier, harmonious (HHH) balance between a busy life and nutritious, environment friendly eating, high vibes eating.

Bon Appetite,


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