5 fun things to do with Reiki

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5 fun things to do with Reiki

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My top 5 things to do with Reiki

I have been asked more times than I can count how to include Reiki in our daily lives and how to make it fun. The healing, manifest and personal development uses of the technique are all good and understood, but does it has to be serious, ritualistic and with a BIG purpose ALL the time?

Reiki is fun, a freestyled, guided by intuition, your higher self and spirit Guides or teachers. As a general rule, based on my own observation of other practitioners at all levels; the more you know the more you walk away from pre-made rituals and make this beautiful way of working the energy your own.

Ok…back to fun stuff, some useful some useless

  • Gardening is a great way of grounding, growing your own organic food, relaxing and having fun. To maximize your return on effort REIKI IT! By IT, I mean the seeds, little plants, soil and any other element of the garden or pots. Your veggies and flowers will grow bigger, strong, more energetic. I swear the flowers’ smell is stronger. Reiki at the time of planting and every time you are inspired to do so.
  • Cho Ku Rei for exercise!!! When I’m running or training at the gym and I am tired, about to give up…I draw a CKR in front of me and it propels me the last mile or so. Sometimes I draw it more than ones, but it makes a huge difference. It gives me that little extra strength and energy I need.
  • FOOOOD! I love it, cooking, eating, smelling, it engages all the senses. Like seasoning, Reiki will make it that different and better in a way you can’t exactly quantify. A minute or 2 is enough with a clear intention of health, nutrition and being grateful. If you have the symbols, you can use them, but if you don’t, don’t worry, just let it flow.
  • Sleepy-time: especially for babies and toddlers. I have done this with my daughter since she was a baby, not every night, but if she starts getting cranky in bed a little Reiki tends to relax and get her into a nappi mood. To enhance this, you could cleanse her/his room regularly of negative or useless energy to bring extra peace to that sacred space.
  • Connecting to higher-self through Tarot readings, pendulum, I Ching, crystals..etc.. If you embed these tools with your energy they will react better, be more accurate, make the experience more personal. A couple of weeks ago I bather the tarot cards from the lady reading them to me before my spread and the reading was so crazy beautiful.

What ways can you think of using Reiki? Share them with us, there will be a follow-up post with more ideas coming up soon. But I would love to include yours.



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