12 Universal Laws for Manifesting
Share our journey to a more holistic lifestyle. More happiness, less stress, manifesting dreams with energy. Build the life you want!
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12 universal laws

12 Universal Laws for Manifesting

12 universal laws

What we know

There are 12 universal laws we can all work with to shape our life and the environment around us with more ease that just banging our head with the wall again and again. They require knowledge and effort to maximize their use my objective is to provide you with as many tools as possible.

People have reported that the more acquainted they are with them and tools to reach them, the more confident, relaxed, and happy they feel. That they can manifest whatever it is they need with more ease and less anxiety. 

 The Universe and Spirit do not understand limitations…PEOPLE invented limitations!
― Jennifer O’Neill, Soul DNA

Our objective today is to be aware of their existence and in follow up post we will go into detail. Just knowing of their existence will help us avoid some roadblocks when manifesting

12 laws of the universe

  1. Law of Divine oneness
  2. Law of Vibration
  3. Law of Correspondence
  4. Law of Inspired Action
  5. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
  6. Law of Cause and Effect
  7. Law of Attraction
  8. Law of Compensation
  9. Law of Relativity
  10. Law of Polarity
  11. Law of Rhythm or Motion
  12. Law of Gender
There are 12, which is not a minor number so I will do a very ignorant summary for you that will help you get a first idea of it. What follows it is even short for cliff notes. 🙂

Everything is energy, as we know energy always transforms never disappears and everything including us are all connected through it. The type and level of energy we put out there is what will comeback to us, therefore, if you are sending abundance energy abundance you’ll get! while the opposite is also true. Remember a couple of things to keep your vibration high, everything is relative to what you compare, for example, if you are thinking you are poor, maybe you are comparing yourself with 3 rich uncles, everything has an opposite (sadness, helps us appreciate happiness) and the purpose is to harmonize life. Finally, action has to take place to manifest, sitting on your butt and not doing anything to manifest what you want wont get you far and every action will generate a reaction.

My humble opinion

It sounds like a lot, but they are closely intertwined. With the tools in the site and your own practice you should be able to put them into practice and most likely discover a lot about yourself  during the journey. This is a life changing experience, because by working them the right way you will evolve and grow as a person.



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Luz DeMeo
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